Connecting the Whole Community

SEPTEMBER 30, 2014 — Our campaign is reaching out to connect all parts of St. Paul’s Mac-Groveland, Highland Park and West 7th communities. The community is changing in great ways, as is the entire state of Minnesota. But one thing connects the new residents with the old — a commitment to ensuring that Minnesota is a state in which everyone can thrive, especially our kids.

Reaching out to the Whole District

Our community is becoming more diverse, and Dave has been working hard to reach every voter in the district. We knock doors in apartment buildings every weekend. We host coffees and voter registration drives in senior homes virtually every week. And we’re planning on an October event in a part of the West 7th neighborhood that is a home to many new Americans. We’ll continue to reach out, right up to Election Day and well beyond. Dave’s eager to hear these voters’ ideas and to get them involved.

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Helping Kids to Thrive

On September 23, we hosted the next in our series of Community Conversations, this one about building communities where children thrive. This is a big issue. Kids in the St. Paul schools experience disproportionately high rates of mental health, nutritional, and other challenges. Dave listened closely. He’s more committed than ever to be a champion for “Zero to Three” school readiness supports to assure kids are healthy and ready to learn when they start school.

Come join us for our next Community Conversation, on climate change, on October 14. Check out our Events page for details.

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Support that Runs Deep

Just one day before the Community Conversation, community leaders — and long-time District 64B residents — Marcia Avner, Wy Spano, Mary Pat Lee, former St. Paul Mayor Jim Scheibel, Kathy Stack, former State Representatives Kathleen Vellenga and Howard Orenstein, and many others hosted a fundraiser for Dave that featured an introduction by our current state representative, Michael Paymar. It was a great celebration and helped us inch closer to raising the funds we need to help Dave win and increase turnout in this important DFL stronghold.

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Helping Progressive Allies Around the State

Dave’s success next year at the Capitol depends on re-electing Minnesota’s House DFL majority. So he and our team have been hard at work helping his colleagues all around the state, including Rep. John Ward (in a photo taken by Dave while they were out knocking in Brainerd), Laurie Halverson, Joe Radinovich, and Barb Yarusso (with help from Majority Leader Erin Murphy and Rep. Mike Freiberg).

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No-Excuse Absentee Voting

Absentee voting has begun. This year anyone can vote absentee, for any reason. In other words, no excuse is necessary! We want your help, and so does the entire progressive slate of candidates. Absentee voting is easy: to get your ballot, click here.

Many thanks for your support,
The Pinto Campaign Team