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2017 Year-End Update – Part 2

Dear Friend:

The other day, I forwarded the first part of my year-end report to my constituents and supporters; click here to read it. Below is part 2. All the best for the holidays!

Dave Pinto
State Representative, District 64B

P.S. The work described in these updates — driving policy change, organizing for action — takes funding. That funding is especially critical in these difficult times. Please consider contributing, at If you live in Minnesota, your first $50 is fully refundable by the state; details at the website. Thank you.

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Minnesota House of Representatives

Rep. Dave Pinto (64B) – Legislative Update

Dear Neighbor,

Happy holidays! This is part 2 of my year-end report on my work as your representative. Please click here to read part 1, which was sent last Friday.

Leading for Progress

As I described last week, my top priority continues to be getting every child off to a great start in life. The best way to help young children to thrive is to help their families to do so — through policies like paid family and sick leave, affordable and stable housing, safe communities, and living-wage jobs. As an assistant leader in the House DFL caucus, I’m playing a key role in working to advance this progressive agenda — and to fight threats against it, such as a bill that would have blocked local governments from regulating workplace conditions for their residents.

One particular area where I’ve led is in efforts to prevent gun violence. On average, 80 Americans are killed every day by firearms — many times the rate of every other industrialized country. That’s 30,000 Americans per year, nearly 1,300 of them children. No one policy change would prevent every one of these deaths, but we could prevent some of them. I’m the House author of a number of leading bills in this area, including one to require a criminal background check on every sale and another authorizing “gun violence protective orders,” a court procedure similar to the one used in situations of domestic violence.

Combatting Gender Violence

I’m familiar with this court procedure because of my service outside of the Legislature as a prosecutor of gender violence — domestic and sexual assault. For several years, I directed statewide training and other changes to protect young people from sex trafficking and exploitation

I’ve focused on gender violence issues as a legislator as well. In my first term, I had authored first-ever grants to support local investigations of sex trafficking. This funding has steadily increased and is now having a major impact throughout the state, and even nationally, as other states seek to copy Minnesota’s approach in this area.

I’m ashamed to say that even with this background, I did not realize the extent of the harassment experienced by women at the Legislature, and throughout society. One of the many antidotes for this abuse — and one of the ways to bring it to light — is to ensure that women have full and equal access to positions of power. I’m proud to serve in a DFL caucus which has an equal balance of women and men. Every one of us has the right to be treated as a full human being, working and living free from harassment, exploitation, and abuse. I will continue to work to ensure that our state honors that right.

Turning Energy Into Action

For many of us, this has been a year for turning energy into advocacy and action, for gender equity and for so many other causes. In January, I joined nearly 100,000 Minnesotans at the Women’s March at the State Capitol, to express our continued commitment to a society in which every person receives respect and has the opportunity to contribute and to thrive. I took the photo above of one of the many great signs at the March.

In April, my volunteer team organized an Advocacy Fair at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church. Hundreds from throughout the metro learned about and signed up with more than 20 advocacy groups, from the American Civil Liberties Union to the Sierra Club. Two of my colleagues — Rep. Rena Moran and Sen. Foung Hawj — cohosted, and a number of other legislators attended as well.

Throughout the year, I’ve continued to organize Community Conversations — issue-focused town halls with experts on important topics like immigration and health care. One of these events was co-hosted by the Highland District Council and Councilmember Tolbert, and it featured presentations by city, county, state, and private agencies on projects in the Shepard-Davern area

The organizing will continue in January, with three events in seven days, including the 2018 Advocacy Fair on January 21 and the next quarterly Prenatal to Three Policy Forum on January 23.

Our policymaking benefits when every Minnesotan is empowered to join in. Helping to facilitate that is a privilege.

Keeping in Touch

I value the chance to keep you informed and to hear your views. In addition to the other events discussed above, I hold monthly “Chats with Dave” — informal conversations with constituents — at Highland Park Library. You can get notice of them and keep in touch with all of my work by subscribing to my email updates, at and following my page on Facebook, at

Thank You

Two years ago, I wrote that the challenges that we face seemed ever deeper and more complex. Racial and gender equity, clean water and air, robust and broadly shared prosperity, and more.

These goals seem even more distant right now. But we’ve responded with an advocacy and determination that is inspiring. Together, we can build a state where every Minnesotan can contribute and every Minnesotan can thrive. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with and for you in 2018.

Wishing you and your family the very best this holiday season and throughout the new year,

Dave Pinto
State Representative
(651) 296-4199

2017 Year-End Update – Part 1

Dear Friend:

Happy holidays! I thought that you’d appreciate seeing my year-end update to constituents and supporters. Below is part 1, and I’ll forward part 2 next week. To receive these updates directly, please click here, and to follow my work on Facebook, click here.

All the best,
Dave Pinto
State Representative, District 64B

P.S. If you value these updates and my work, please contribute! Visit

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Subject: Year End Legislative Update – Part 1
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Minnesota House of Representatives

Rep. Dave Pinto (64B) – Legislative Update

Dear Neighbor,

Happy holidays! Today and Monday, I’ll be sending a brief year-end report on my work as your representative — a look back on a difficult year in state government and a look ahead at opportunities to build a better Minnesota in 2018 and beyond. Here’s part 1; look for part 2 on December 18.

Seeking a Fiscally Responsible Budget

As in every odd-numbered year, the legislative session focused on setting a state budget for the next two years. While there were some highlights (see “Investing in the Future” below), this process overall reflected misplaced priorities and missed opportunities. Whether in terms of the environment and energy, jobs, transportation, health, or education — from the earliest years to post-secondary — the short term was prioritized over the long term.

This could be seen most clearly in the tax bill, which contained a series of large giveaways to special interests — including premium tobacco products and the wealthiest estates in the state — which is already leading us back to the days of large budget deficits. As passed by the Republican majorities in the House and Senate, the budget contained a “poison pill” for Governor Dayton — automatic defunding of the state Department of Revenue if he failed to sign off on these tax provisions. Backed into a corner, the Governor signed the bill. But concerned about its fairness and long-term fiscal impact, he vetoed funding for the Legislature to encourage the Republican majorities to renegotiate.

A court case ensued, and the state Supreme Court recently upheld the Governor’s veto. Nevertheless, the Governor has said that he is willing to compromise with Republican leaders. When the legislative session resumes on February 20, I hope that they are prepared to respond in kind.

Investing in the Future

One positive outcome of the 2017 legislative session was passage of the first bill in several years to make long-term investments in infrastructure throughout the state. In St. Paul, the “bonding bill” is funding needed repairs to the Science Museum, a new seal & sea lion exhibit at the Como Zoo, and the expansion of the Dorothy Day Center, which provides housing and social services to those experiencing homelessness.

Early childhood development and education is another long-term investment, and there is a steadily-growing consensus on its importance. Ensuring that every child has a great start in life continues to be my top priority. The disparities that our state sees in education, employment, health, and criminal justice — some of the worst in the nation — are paralleled by disparities that begin with prenatal care and continue from birth and beyond.

The consensus on this issue is beginning to be accompanied by policy change and funding, but there is so much more to do. For this reason, I founded the Prenatal to Three Policy Forums, a quarterly series held at the University of St. Thomas and cohosted by a Republican state senator. It brings together 200+ advocates, policymakers, and community members to learn and build a shared agenda in this critical area. Six sessions have been held already, with a seventh coming up on January 23. Given time, every other challenge that we face can be met if we get this one right.

Thanks for reading the first portion of my 2018 year-end report. More to come Monday…


Dave Pinto
State Representative
(651) 296-4199

Join us on June 21!

Join us at a reception to support

Rep. Dave Pinto

Tuesday, June 21, 6:00pm to 8:00pm

740 S Mississippi River Blvd, St Paul 55116 (Club Room)

the home of Mary Pat Lee & Jim Scheibel
Accessible via the new A Line and Metro Transit Routes 46, 74, 84, & 87
Location is wheelchair-accessible

with special guests

Jamie Becker-Finn, DFL candidate, House District 42B (northern Ramsey County)
Alan Kantrud, DFL candidate, House District 39B (northern Washington County)
Marla Vagts, DFL candidate, House District 58B (southern Dakota County)

music provided by Larry McDonough

RSVP on our Facebook event page
or at

Or just show up!

Suggested contribution $500 • $250 • $100 • $50
more if you can, less if you can’t

Hosted by

Minority Leader Paul Thissen • Deputy Minority Leader Erin Murphy • Sen. Dick Cohen • Rep. Alice Hausman • Sen. Foung Hawj • Rep. Tim Mahoney • Rep. Carlos Mariani • Sen. John Marty • Rep. Rena Moran • Sen. Sandy Pappas • St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman • Ramsey County Sheriff Matt Bostrom • Ramsey County Attorney John Choi



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Letter to Caucus Attendees 2016

Dear fellow DFLer:

Thank you for your participation in the 2016 precinct caucuses!

Two years ago, I was honored to receive the endorsement of our party for election as state representative. I’m proud of my first term, which included selection as a “Legislator of Distinction” by the League of Minnesota Cities — the only urban House member to be so recognized. I am seeking reelection and would be honored to have your DFL endorsement again.

As we enter the 2016 campaign, the challenges that we face seem ever-deeper and more complex, with the goals ever-farther away: racial and gender equity; a fair tax burden on all; clean water and air; safety from gun violence; robust, broadly shared prosperity; and more.

I am working toward change in each of these areas, and others too. But my chief focus has remained consistent: ensuring that every child gets off to a great start in life. Given time, every other problem that we face can be solved if we get this one right. As it turns out, the best way to help kids to thrive is to help their families & communities do so — through policies like paid leave, more affordable housing, a healthy environment, and living-wage jobs.

This kind of progressive change is out of reach until we have a DFL majority in the House. In this year’s campaign, I will work hard to maintain your support and the support of our neighbors in Highland and Mac-Groveland and along West Seventh (check out our events page). I will work hard to reach out to apartment dwellers, new Minnesotans, and other less-likely voters, to boost our turnout, both in 2016 and for years to come. And I am already working hard — knocking on doors, making calls, and raising funds — to help elect that DFL legislative majority. Please consider supporting this work by making a contribution or by signing up to volunteer.

I would love to hear your ideas, questions, or concerns. Please contact me anytime. It has been an honor to serve you at the Capitol. Thank you again for your commitment to our democracy.



Dave Pinto
State Representative — District 64B


Join us for our 2016 campaign kick-off!

Dave Pinto for State Representative

Please join us for the official 2016 campaign kick-off event for

State Representative Dave Pinto

Sunday, January 24
3:00 – 5:00 PM

At the home of Cristine Almeida and Brian Gorecki
2174 Upper Saint Dennis Road
Saint Paul MN 55116

Come to celebrate our past and future success! Dave will be working hard to help take back the House in order to achieve the progressive policies we all want. Learn about our plans and sign-up to join our efforts across Minnesota.

Food will be provided by the amazing Monica Haas

For questions or to RSVP, please contact:
Megan Thrasher at 612-812-2273

Check out our event on Facebook!

Join St. Paul leaders on June 16!

Join us at a reception to support

Rep. Dave Pinto

Tuesday, June 16, 5:30pm to 7:30pm

740 Mississippi River Blvd. (Club Room), St. Paul

at the home of Marcia Avner & Wy Spano

with music by Choro Borealis
Brazilian trio featuring Robert Everest

Suggested contribution $500 • $250 • $100 • $50
more if you can, less if you can’t

RSVP on our Facebook page or at Or just show up!

Contribute $50 ($100 per couple) for FREE, until July 1.
Details and online contribution at

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Final Outreach – Time to Vote!

OCTOBER 31, 2014 — Happy Halloween! In these final days, we’re going strong — reaching out to EVERY voter, supporting Dave’s colleagues throughout the state, and pushing for collaborative solutions to policy challenges. Remember to vote on Tuesday, November 4 — or even vote early!

Counting Every Voice

From seniors at Graham Place to students at St. Kate’s, Macalester, and St. Thomas, we’re reaching out to every voter. That particularly includes district residents who are historically less likely to vote — new Americans, lower-income families, and communities of color. We’re knocking on doors, coordinating rides for early voting, and we’re distributing flyers encouraging voting — and early in-person voting! — in languages spoken by area residents, including Spanish, Somali, and Oromo.

If you can, please join us tomorrow — Saturday, November 1 — anytime between 10:00am and 2:30pm in the Sibley Plaza area. At our “Rally & Rides for Votes,” held in cooperation with the Franken campaign, we’ll get the word out throughout the neighborhood, rally with local leaders, and provide rides for early voting. More details here.

Sibley Manor Door Knock

Strong Endorsement for 64B Leadership

Star Tribune

The Star Tribune has endorsed Dave’s campaign! The paper’s editorial board describes him as a “worthy choice” for the district, saying that he is “well-positioned to continue” the work of retiring Representative Michael Paymar. The editorial even gave a tip of the hat to our Community Conversations! Please click here to read it yourself and share with others.

Climate Change Conversation Calls for More Action

On October 14, Dave hosted the latest in our series of Community Conversations, this one on climate change. Thanks to legislative action over the last five years, Minnesota is on track to significantly lower carbon emissions by increasing the use of renewable energy — and to grow opportunity through clean energy jobs. With nearly 40 attendees, the Community Conversation made clear that Minnesota can and must do more. And the science of climate change means that action is needed now.

Community Conversation 1 Community Conversation 2 Community Conversation 3

Keep Up the Pressure — Keep the Majority

Dave has continued to join with Pinto volunteers and the Senate District 64 DFL Flying Squad to help support progressive candidates to the Minnesota House. We’ve shown up in Twin Cities suburbs and Greater Minnesota alike to knock on doors on behalf of great candidates and assure that when Dave joins the House in January, he and his DFL colleagues are in position to move forward on a progressive agenda for the state.

Door Knocking

The Time is Now

Election Day is this coming Tuesday, only a few days away! This year, for the first time, residents can vote early without the need for an excuse. Ramsey County offers extended hours this weekend and on Monday — please click here for more information. Please spread the word to others about early voting! And make your own plan for voting too.

Then join us on Tuesday night at Seventh Street Social, 2176 Seventh St. W. in St. Paul to celebrate a night of wins for a progressive Minnesota.

Thank you so much for your support,
The Pinto Campaign Team

Community Conversation – Oct 14 7:00pm

Community Conversation:
Climate Change Solutions for Minnesota

Tuesday, October 14, 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Carondelet Village, 525 Fairview Ave. S.

Featured Guest: J. Drake Hamilton, Science Policy Director for Fresh Energy

Dave wants your input. Climate change is going to increase extreme weather events, diminish air quality, and change habitat — among other effects — in ways that will have an impact on food, recreation and health for all Minnesotans. As your next state representative, Dave wants to know what you think we should be doing to address the threat posed by climate change. Guest J. Drake Hamilton will get us grounded in the facts and help lead our conversation about solutions for Minnesota.

RSVP at, the campaign Facebook page, or just show up!

We’re looking forward to the conversation!
The Pinto Campaign Team

Community Conversations are a series of participatory discussions among Dave Pinto, leaders in the field — and YOU! Our goal is to learn more about compelling issues and work toward identifying what we can and should do about them. Please feel free to invite neighbors and friends as well.

Connecting the Whole Community

SEPTEMBER 30, 2014 — Our campaign is reaching out to connect all parts of St. Paul’s Mac-Groveland, Highland Park and West 7th communities. The community is changing in great ways, as is the entire state of Minnesota. But one thing connects the new residents with the old — a commitment to ensuring that Minnesota is a state in which everyone can thrive, especially our kids.

Reaching out to the Whole District

Our community is becoming more diverse, and Dave has been working hard to reach every voter in the district. We knock doors in apartment buildings every weekend. We host coffees and voter registration drives in senior homes virtually every week. And we’re planning on an October event in a part of the West 7th neighborhood that is a home to many new Americans. We’ll continue to reach out, right up to Election Day and well beyond. Dave’s eager to hear these voters’ ideas and to get them involved.

Picture 1

Picture 4

Helping Kids to Thrive

On September 23, we hosted the next in our series of Community Conversations, this one about building communities where children thrive. This is a big issue. Kids in the St. Paul schools experience disproportionately high rates of mental health, nutritional, and other challenges. Dave listened closely. He’s more committed than ever to be a champion for “Zero to Three” school readiness supports to assure kids are healthy and ready to learn when they start school.

Come join us for our next Community Conversation, on climate change, on October 14. Check out our Events page for details.

Picture 2

Picture 5

Support that Runs Deep

Just one day before the Community Conversation, community leaders — and long-time District 64B residents — Marcia Avner, Wy Spano, Mary Pat Lee, former St. Paul Mayor Jim Scheibel, Kathy Stack, former State Representatives Kathleen Vellenga and Howard Orenstein, and many others hosted a fundraiser for Dave that featured an introduction by our current state representative, Michael Paymar. It was a great celebration and helped us inch closer to raising the funds we need to help Dave win and increase turnout in this important DFL stronghold.

Picture 9

Picture 10

Helping Progressive Allies Around the State

Dave’s success next year at the Capitol depends on re-electing Minnesota’s House DFL majority. So he and our team have been hard at work helping his colleagues all around the state, including Rep. John Ward (in a photo taken by Dave while they were out knocking in Brainerd), Laurie Halverson, Joe Radinovich, and Barb Yarusso (with help from Majority Leader Erin Murphy and Rep. Mike Freiberg).

Picture 3

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

No-Excuse Absentee Voting

Absentee voting has begun. This year anyone can vote absentee, for any reason. In other words, no excuse is necessary! We want your help, and so does the entire progressive slate of candidates. Absentee voting is easy: to get your ballot, click here.

Many thanks for your support,
The Pinto Campaign Team

Fundraiser – Sept 22

A vision for a progressive Minnesota.
A champion for us all.

Join us for a fundraiser to elect Dave Pinto to the Minnesota House.

Monday, September 22 at 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

740 River Road Apartments [Club Room]
740 S. Mississippi River Blvd, St. Paul

Suggested contribution: $250 • $100 • $50 • $25
[More if you can. Less is welcome, too.]


Speaker Paul Thissen • Majority Leader Erin Murphy • Sen. Dick Cohen • Rep. Michael Paymar • Mayor Chris Coleman • Councilmember Chris Tolbert • Ramsey County Attorney John Choi • Anne Carroll, St. Paul School Board • Former Rep. Kathleen Vellenga • Former Rep. Howard Orenstein • Mayor George Latimer • Mayor Jim Scheibel

Cristine Almeida • Marcia Avner & Wy Spano • Jeff & Emily Blodgett • Dominic Ciresi •
Steve Cohen • Cassie & Dan Cramer • Barb Frey • Jill Gebhardt • Mary Pat Lee • Patrick Ness • Andrea Sachs • Linda Slattengren • Kathy Stack • Bob Tracy & Bill Peters • Dave Wellstone

Your RSVP ( is welcome, though not required. If you’re unable to attend, consider making a contribution to the campaign today. Invest in our shared vision for a progressive Minnesota.

Please note that the first $50 ($100 per couple) you contribute to a campaign like ours can be made at no cost to you, under the state’s Political Contribution Refund program.

Also mark your calendar for the SD64 DFL celebration on Tues Sept 30 at 7:00 pm. We will honor Rep. Michael Paymar’s great work as a champion of progressive leadership representing St. Paul’s Mac-Groveland, Highland Park & West 7th communities in the Minnesota House.

Many thanks for your support,
The Pinto Campaign Team